1001 Hunting Tips by Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

By Lamar Underwood, Nate Matthews

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Don’t Hang Your Stand Where You Find the Most Sign Areas chock-full of deer trails, droppings, rubs, and beds are not always the best places to hang your stand. The abundance of sign could mean that the area is being used as a sanctuary—a place where deer congregate before heading out to feed, or where they bed down during the middle of the day. Since deer spend a great deal of time in such places, they become very familiar with them and will be sensitive to unusual sounds, smells, and sights. It can be extremely difficult to camouflage your presence under such conditions.

However, make certain your blunt-equipped arrow is distinctively different from your regular shafts; otherwise you could nock it by mistake when a critter with antlers shows up. He’d end up with a bruised shoulder, and you with an equally damaged ego. 66. The Deer Are Watching You! When you’re hunting whitetails on small woodlots, deer can pattern you as much as you try to pattern them. So change stand locations frequently. Even change where you park from time to time. 67. A Basic Rule for Knowing When to Move and When to Sit Still When you know deer are on the move, such as in the morning and evening hours, you should sit still in a good stand or other ambush point and wait for the animals to come to you.

If you’re watching closely, you can spot this movement, then plan your shot or stalk accordingly. 105. Age a Buck by Looking at His Droppings Adult buck droppings are generally thicker, longer, and more clumped together in a single mass than are doe droppings. A good rule of thumb to determine the approximate age of a buck is that a single pellet measuring about ¾ inch is from a buck about 2½ to 3½ years old. Larger pellets up to 1 ⅜ inches long are usually from the truly trophy-size animals. —Hearst Communications, Inc.

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