A Figure in Hiding (The Hardy Boys, Original Series, Book by Franklin W. Dixon

By Franklin W. Dixon

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Baker did not volunteer any further information about the girl and the Hardy boys did not want to arouse her curiosity by asking her too many questions. Sufficient it was for them to know that Virginia had vanished, as it were, without leaving a trace of any kind behind her. The boys thanked the woman and turned to go down the walk. To their surprise, striding quickly toward them was Eip Sinder. The boys were startled by this encounter but the man paid no attention to them. He brushed past, a scowl on his face, and hurried up the walk as the Hardys directed their steps toward the street.

The boys turned to leave. As they did so, each of them received a resounding slap on the back which made them yelp with surprise! CHAPTER X THE EYE SYNDICATE frank and Joe wheeled around. A single thought had flashed through the mind of each of them-that Rip Binder's companion, Spotty Lemuel, had caught them eavesdropping. But it was not Spotty Lemuel who stood behind them, smiling at their astonishment. It was Fenton Hardy. " gasped Frank, as soon as he could get his breath. " "I nearly jumped out of my shoes," confessed Joe.

Mr. Zatta said that this amount would consume every cent he had in the world; yet he had been fully prepared to pay such a sum if it would restore his eyesight to him. "Offer him the money," instructed Mr. Hardy. "The entire sum. " Under the guidance of the boys' father the old man got out pen, ink, and paper. He promptly sat down to write a reply to the letter from the Eye Syndicate. When it was completed to the detective's satisfaction, Mr. Hardy took it, promising to drop it into the nearest mail-box.

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