A History of Indian Literature -Vol. II: Epics and Sanskrit by Ludo Rocher

By Ludo Rocher

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The future. e. the wind. e. an image of the ai5oia of Mahadeva. Varaha. 2 WINTERNITZ 1907: 450. The quote is from the English tr. (1963: 466-467), which is more explicit than the original. 2, 1941, 148, quoting HARAPRASAD SHASTRI 1928a: lxxxv. , not CE). 4 Thus MACDONELL 1900: 290 = 21962: 251; PARGITER 1922: 22; RAMACHANDRA DIK- SHITAR 1932: 761. 5 HAZRA 1940: 3. Cf. W. HOPKINS: Quantitative Variations in the Calcutta and Bombay Texts of the Mahabharata, PrAOS Oct. 31, 1888, JAOS 14, 1890, iv-vi.

After referring to Colebrooke's statement quoted earlier, he continues: "But, though these topics are certainly treated of at greater or less length in most of the Purans, they still by no means form the principal subject of those works; for this Mr. Colebrooke has unaccountably overlooked, and yet it is the only reason which has conferred on them a sacred character, — I mean the moral and religious instruction which is inculcated in them, and to which all the legends that they contain are rendered subservient.

5 1900: 299. 6 1905: 67-77. 7 August BLAU: Puranische Streifen. I. Der Itihasa von Saranyu in seiner Fortbildung durch die Purana, ZDMG 62,1908, 337-357 at 337. T. 1 The "Ur-Purana" 43 The first application of the principle on a large scale came from Frederick Eden Pargiter. In an article, in 1913, on "Visvamitra and Vasistha," he defined his methodology as follows: "The texts for each story are cited. They are all obviously based on a common original metrical tradition, and by collating them a revised text may be framed.

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