A history of surgery: with emphasis on the Netherlands by D. de Moulin

By D. de Moulin

Surgery as a scientific self-discipline has from its beginnings appealed to the mind's eye of many. it's consequently no longer marvelous to discover that its vibrant prior has brought on a variety of authors to absorb their pens. the reality of this within the Netherlands is witnessed via a couple of dissertations and monographs and particularly by way of the various articles with regards to the historical past of surgical procedure that have seemed within the clinical weekly Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, rather in the course of the twenty years previous the second one global conflict. The memorial quantity, released in 1977 through the 'Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde' (Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands) has completely lined the historical past of Dutch surgical procedure because the tum of the century, yet a chronological survey of the sooner occasions which resulted in those modem achievements remains to be short of. This booklet has been written to be able to assembly this desire. In it, Dutch surgical procedure has certainly not been taken as an remoted phenomenon, yet thought of in its context with ecu surgical procedure as an entire. international impacts at the on surgical procedure in a foreign country are mentioned Netherlands and, conversely, Dutch affects when modern scientific considering is decided opposed to a cultural and political again­ floor. it's was hoping that this strategy will enable the e-book to exceed the slim limitations of'campanilismo' and make it of curiosity to non-Dutch readers as well.

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This book was used during the Middle Ages at the European universities as well as outside the academic world. In conclusion it can be said that although his surgery was clearly based on that of Hippocrates, Galen's anatomical knowledge was much greater. For a number of fundamental surgical disorders he gave a rational explanation based on humoral pathology. He had at his disposal better means of wound treatment and employed the vascular ligature. His directions for the treatment of skull injuries were more elaborate than those of Hippocrates, although his fracture treatment did not differ greatly from that by the patriarch of Cos.

Anatomical dissection at Alexandria in Hellenistic times. 2. Celsus The state of Hellenistic surgery at the beginning of our era can be gathered from the work De medicina of the Roman encyclopaedist Aulus Cornelius Celsus, about whom nothing is known other than that he must have lived in the first century AD. Considering the fact that he quotes more than 90 authors in his work, he must have been widely read. The book is not written in Greek, the scholarly language of Antiquity, but in Latin and as such may have been intended for a larger audience.

Ligature and skin sutures are not mentioned by Celsus in this context. The use of the saw and the amputation through healthy tissue is, however, an advance on the technique current in the days of Hippocrates. The eighth and last book deals with fractures and dislocations, and is clearly inspired by the Hippocratic texts on these subjects. Unlike Hippocrates, Celsus recommends the refracturing of bones healed in an unsatisfactory position. , making clear the advances made since Hippocrates. Oddly enough this excellent book, which must be included among the 'classics' of surgical literature, for centuries remained virtually unknown.

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