A Quick Guide to Welding and Weld Inspection by S E Hughes

By S E Hughes

A concise and obtainable advisor to the information required to fulfil the position of a welding inspector. In protecting either eu and US-based codes, the ebook supplies these wishing to achieve certification in welding inspection a simple all-round figuring out of the most topic matter.

  • A concise and available consultant to the information required to fulfil the function of a welding inspector
  • Covers either eu and US-based codes
  • Gives these wishing to realize certification in welding inspection a uncomplicated all-round figuring out of the most topic matter

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Remember that oxy-fuel gas cutting does not actually melt and blow away the molten material like plasma or oxy arc cutting does. What it actually does is to heat up the material to its ignition temperature and then introduces a stream of oxygen, turning the metal into instant rust, which is then blown away. This is why stainless steel (a rust-resistant material) cannot be cut by oxy-fuel gas unless special powders are added to the process. 3d Page 26 of 35 Analysis of a Fusion Weld . If mechanical cutting such as machining (normally required for weld joint preparations containing a radius such as a U or J prep) or shearing is used then consideration must be given to the possibility of having cutting fluids trapped in the cut edges.

3d Page 24 of 35 Analysis of a Fusion Weld moisture and other possible weld contaminants. Internal contaminants such as sulphur or oxides can be present within the material and may also have to be removed or neutralised during welding. In effect, the process must be able to ‘clean’ the material and weld pool during welding to afford the correct protection. c. c. when welding Al or Mg alloys to remove the surface oxide layer, called cathodic cleaning). Adequate mechanical properties. The finished welded joint must have adequate properties such as strength, toughness, hardness and ductility in the base material (including the HAZ) and weld metal.

The distortion caused by this localised heating can be used in some cases to straighten or modify the shape of a component. Typical examples of this method would be straightening flanges or removing bulges from insert plates. Heat treatment methods such as post-weld heat treatment stress relief can remove a high percentage of residual stresses. Mechanical stress relieving methods include: . using ultrasound to stress relieve fabrications; . peening weld faces using pneumatic needle guns, to redistribute residual stresses by placing the weld face in compression.

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