A treatise on elementary algebra by by James Hamblin Smith

By by James Hamblin Smith

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How round is your circle

How do you draw a instantly line? How do you identify if a circle is actually around? those may perhaps sound like uncomplicated or perhaps trivial mathematical difficulties, yet to an engineer the solutions can suggest the variation among good fortune and failure. How around Is Your Circle? invitations readers to discover the various similar basic questions that operating engineers care for each day--it's demanding, hands-on, and enjoyable.

Lie Algebras and Applications

This publication, designed for complicated graduate scholars and post-graduate researchers, introduces Lie algebras and a few in their purposes to the spectroscopy of molecules, atoms, nuclei and hadrons. The publication includes many examples that aid to explain the summary algebraic definitions. It presents a precis of many formulation of useful curiosity, corresponding to the eigenvalues of Casimir operators and the scale of the representations of all classical Lie algebras.

Modern Geometries

This accomplished, best-selling textual content specializes in the learn of many alternative geometries -- instead of a unmarried geometry -- and is carefully glossy in its technique. every one bankruptcy is largely a brief path on one element of contemporary geometry, together with finite geometries, the geometry of modifications, convexity, complex Euclidian geometry, inversion, projective geometry, geometric facets of topology, and non-Euclidean geometries.

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