Adsorbed Layers on Surfaces. Part 5: Adsorption of molecules by K. Christmann (auth.), H.P. Bonzel (eds.)

By K. Christmann (auth.), H.P. Bonzel (eds.)

Surface technology is known as a comparatively younger medical self-discipline, taken with the actual and chemical homes of phenomena on fresh and lined strong surfaces, studied lower than a number of stipulations. The adsorption of atoms and molecules on stable surfaces is, for instance, this kind of situation, hooked up with kind of drastic adjustments of all floor homes. An adsorption occasion is usually saw in nature and located to be of technical significance in lots of business approaches. therefore, floor technology is interdisciplinary through its very nature, and as such a huge middleman among primary and utilized research.

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Supersonic MB expts. MB scattering + TOF expts. + TOF Remarks 35 Ref. 74Bal1 H2 and D2 permeation expts. 82Com scattering of D2 and HD; 86Har selective adsorption potentials 89Ang1 barrier height depends on H2 vibrational excitation H2 permeation expts; 91Mic 82Com strong increase of 92Ret2 sticking probability with 93Aue gas temperature indicates that both translational and vibrational excitation is important for passing the barrier 74Bal2 H2 permeation expts; 85Kub rotat. and vibrat. stateresolved; vibrational heating observed H2 permeation expts.

70 Å 55 Remarks Reference H-induced reconstr. 2; T-dependent phase transitions 86Zae H-induced surface reconstr. 65 Å (1×1) phase 87Alt 97Arn1 99Arn 93Lop H driven reconstr. 2 Å expts. performed at 87Lin 170 K; no subsurface H 86Feu adsorption expts. performed at 170 K expts. 1 Adsorbate properties of hydrogen on solid surfaces Ordered H phase Coverage [ML] and /or [H atoms/m2] Ru(11−21) no Hinduced superstructure (1×1)? 0 Criti- Experical mental temp. method [K] HREELS LEED H-subCoordistrate nation bond distance [Å] pseudo-3fold sites + 4-fold site [Ref.

82Com 89Ang1 barrier height depends on H2 vibrational excitation 91Mic 74Bal1 74Bal2 91Ber1 six bound H2 states 82Per 89Ang1 89Ang1 barrier height depends on H2 vibrational excitation 91Mic 91Cam translational and/or vibrational excitation facilitate dissociation; late barrier found 91Hay Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/42A5 Ref. p. 09 Ag(111) angular distribution of desorption angular dep. of adsorption; model fitting angular distribution + TOF mass spectrometry of desorption supersonic MB expts.

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