African World History Project: The Preliminary Challenge by Jacob H. Carruthers, Leon C. Harris (Editors)

By Jacob H. Carruthers, Leon C. Harris (Editors)

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236. 2. Cheikh Anta Diop, Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology, trans. YaaLengi Meema Ngemi (Brooklyn:Lawrence Hill Books, 1991). 4. ( - entitled "Of National Characters," his arrogance is shown by his ability to compress the whole scope of African history into a single footnote: I am apt to suspect the negroes, and in general all the other species of men (for there are four or five different kinds) to be naturally inferior to the whites. There never was a civilized nation of any other complexion than white, nor even any individual eminent either in action or speculation.

78. 14. Ibid. 15. bid. written, and taught by white men in light of their obedience to the European Principle, or Law of European World Supremacy and Dominance. There, then, lies the challenge to the black intellectual. black scholars, intellectuals, and writers must reject this fraudulent European tradition and adopt apoint of view consistent with the African Principle. In this connection, George G. M. James in his revealing book Stolen Legacy admonishes Blacks to "&scontinue the practice of quoting Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in their speeches as intellectual models"16 because so-called Greek philosophy is stolen Egyptian philosophy.

Why are some of the best and most talented black minds so unproductive? Why are there so many black intellectual spectators and so f m participants in the strugglefor African Liberation? During the Cold War Era, in the wake of World War 11, for more than thirty years, flag-wielding, drum-thumping, bugle-blowing representative groups marched down State Street, a well-known thoroughfare in downtown Chicago, in celebration of Captive Nations Week. With banners waving, a steady stream of Greeks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Poles, Hungarians, Chinese, and so on strutted and pranced past the mayor's reviewing stand hoisting colorful placards aloft announcing Captive Nations Week.

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