Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

By Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

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L Holy slayers seek to eliminate men who work against the will of the gods. Each slayer belongs to a secret organization tailored to his or her personal faith. Members of this kit are modeled after historical assassins, but they are much more than the coldblooded killers many assume them to be. l Matruds are outcasts from their hinterland tribes, surviving through the charity of others and by their own quick wits. Even so, some of these individuals rise to stations of power and prestige. l Merchant-rogues buy and sell for profit.

Here’s an overview of the warrior kits: l Askars are the armed citizenry of settlements large and small. They represent the typical and most common warrior of Zakhara. They have the fewest hindrances, but they also have the fewest special abilities. This kit fills out the ranks of most organized armies in Zakhara. Most standard warriors, guards, and infantrymen are askars. l Corsairs are seafaring warriors. l Desert riders are the askars’ equivalent in the hinterlands. They are skilled in mounted combat and expert at survival in the desert.

One kit, the ajami, is reserved for characters who are not native to the Land of Fate, or whose ways are strange. It is the equivalent of the outland warrior kit. The remaining three kits are as follows: l Sorcerers are the standard and most common wizards in Zakhara. They can draw from a pool of universal spells, and they have specialties as well. The “official” mage of the AD&D® game specializes by school (alteration, divination, and so forth). In contrast, the sorcerer specializes in two of the four elemental provinces—wind, sand, sea, and flame—in any combination.

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