Alchemy Companion (Rolemaster RPG) by Tim Taylor

By Tim Taylor

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The parchment is colored Pantone 12-0605 (Angora). The text ink is Pantone 15-1512 (Misty Rose [tan]), and the engrossing is Pantone 16-1526 (Terra Cotta). Twenty-two pages are lost between folios 33 and 44. The MS was rebound in white parchment in 1755. The MS contains catenae on Job and Proverbs, then Ecclesiastes and Canticles (with marginal commentaries), Msdom, the PssSol, and Sirach. ** The MS was collated by von Gebhardt himself who identified it as a copy of MS 260. Iota addscripts are used.

The corrector also made three emendations himself (see Baars, "A New Fragment," p. 29). Ziegler, Sapientia Salomonis, p. 48; Sirach, pp. 56, 70. Rahlfs, Verzeichnis, p. 234. One manuscript index measiu-ed the folios at 384 x 249 mm (Francesco Bancalari, "Index codicum graecorum bibliothecae Casanatensis," in Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica, ed. F. le Monnier, vol. 2, pp. 161 -207, ref. on 203 (Florence: Sansoni, 1894). The MS has two schemes of page-numbering: a handwritten enumeration in the upper right comers of the recto sides and a later series stamped in the lower right ofthe same leaves.

242, n. 2, and Catridre, De psalterio Salomonis. The same ttanslation widi corrections appeared in Auswahl der beaten apocryphischen Schriften, welche noch ausser der biblischen vorhanden sind. First Collection (Corburg: Sammlung, 1776). 5' THE PSALMS OF SOLOMON the only printed texts available of Uie P s s S o l . " In 1868, Adolph Hilgenfeld printed a Greek text in an article'" and dien in 1869 republished die text,'" for bodi of which he used de la Cerda's edition. '* Hilgenfeld argued that Greek, not Hebrew, was the original language of the PssSol.

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