Analysis of foods and beverages: headspace techniques: by George Charalambous, Ernäˆhrungswissenschaftler Ägypten

By George Charalambous, Ernäˆhrungswissenschaftler Ägypten USA; American Chemical Society. Meeting

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SALEEB AND T. W. g. w a t e r ) by sampling head were the of space volatile (air) determined gaseous and and in a liquid phases. Table I shows partitioning volatile given by: K _ wa The system. for coefficients organic solute solute with For data (K compounds partition an increase comparison, for ) of at the is phase phase , . decreased, temperature et pyrazine of 90°C. coefficients in water-air a number in water in oil Buttery 2-isobutyl-3-methoxy the 2 2 ° and concentration concentration experimental expected, typical al.

Teflon oven of carbon 30 m l present using sample A sample from the of organic increases decomposition carbon/g was (1). from the and Columbia with a digi- 40 F. Ζ. SALEEB AND T. W. SCHENZ tize option, printed at flux the of gas enabled designated measured. a gas which organic The syringe injection the time was a signal In volume port the of by butane to be this way (g c a r b o n / s e c ) calibrated a known of of intervals. carbon system area could be injecting gas into the with the TEA. GAS INJECTION Ο SAMPLE FID OVEN RECORDER INTEGRATOR A Fig.

MAARSE AND J. SCHAEFER Water soluble hydrazones are formed from carbonyl compounds and Girard Τ or Girard P. Non carbonyl compounds can be removed by extraction and then the carbonyls regenerated by addition of acid. For trapping trace amounts of the low molecular carbonyl compounds from gas streams these reagents are not suitable, because of the large number of interfering compounds originating from the reagents. Also the trapping efficiency is not high. Collection of carbonyl compounds, including unsaturated ones, in hydroxylamine solutions and analysis of the oxime derivatives by gas chromatography was described by Vogh (10,11).

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