Ancient Semitic Civilizations by Sabatino Moscati

By Sabatino Moscati

This old cartoon of the tradition of the traditional close to East is designed to introduce the overall reader to their cultures and archaeological continues to be.

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Assyria was above all a military power, and owed its prestige principally to its army s high degree of organization and of respect discipline. lie Assyrian state had at this period already been in existence some centuries. An Akkadian dynasty founded by Ilushuma foe had been in power there at die turn of the nineteenth to the eight eenth century before Christ, and had been followed by the THE BABYLONIANS AND ASSYRIANS Amorite dynasty of Shamshi-Adad I, whom die Mari archives show to have been a contemporary and a rival of Haminurapi This older phase of Assyrian power had been followed by a long period of decline, culminating in the fifteenth century in reduc tion to the state of vassalage to the Human state of Mitanni Only in the following century, when Mitannian power was over thrown by the Hittites, was Assyria able to rise once more and to become by stages a great power.

Hence the data furnished by ethnological study of the Arabian desertilwdlers of today have much to contribute to our reconstruction little 36 THE PROLOGUE of the past. We may draw also upon Arabic literature, winch gives us ample descriptions of beduin life, and upon Hebrew literature, such as the book of Genesis, in which we see the tran from nomadic to settled life. Thanks to these various sources of information, we are enabled to form a clear enough picture of ancient Semitic social conditions.

Paul s exclamation, literally: "Thanks be to God that ye were servants of sin but became obedient where the English "shall I seek for you a ". . Revisers* text has, according to the sense, whereas ye were servants of sin, ye (Romans 6,17). The Semitic . " "thanks linguistic peculiarities which have just been of course only typical examples from a much wider range; and they admit of exceptions. They suffice, however, as an outline of the distinctive features of the Semitic group as an individual linguistic family.

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