Angry Women in Rock, Volume 1

This e-book takes to the air the place Gillian Garr's 1992 She's A insurgent leaves off, and is an ideal better half quantity for that fab e-book. It gains interviews with Jarboe, Joan Jett, Kathleen Hanna, Valerie Agnew, Lois Maffeo, Naomi Yang, Kendra Smith, Phranc, Candice Pederson, Bettina Richards, Chrissie Hynde, and June Millington.

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He was goand hanging out with people w^ho really, really drink, and he cannot handle alcohol at that level. He ^vas hinging a lot. It was almost like he didn't want to do it, but couldn't stop himself. He'd start at four in the afternoon and continue into the early morning hours. So one time, when he came back late, I taped him. 10009). knew he thought I was a country bumpkin (and I think he hated me ery time it. I had ing to bars I for being in was was on one and w^e had move him from -would see him I night he many drinking binges, Alichael, because he When to him, a real Who[i Afraid of Virginia Woolp.

AJ: What year was this? J: Around '86. I could go on and on telling stories like that. Perhaps because I had multicolored dreadlocks and was traveling alone to join the group some-where, I've been stripsearched tw^ice were cavities I in international airports; brutal, horrible experiences. All those my bodily were explored — it was agonizing, and got the feeling this happened not because they thought I had anything illegal on me, but because they just wanted to force me to take off my I clothes.

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