Annual reports in medicinal chemistry. / Volume 8 by Richard V Heinzelman

By Richard V Heinzelman

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A tolerance study indicated r a p i d development of tolerance t o both anormia and mobilization of f a t t y a c i d s . 69 The animals remained responsive t o the administration of exogenous norepinephrine but developed crosstolerance t o the l i p o l y t i c e f f e c t of o t h e r anorectics. Metabolism - The understandin of the metabolism of a n o r e c t i c drugs cont i n u e s t o grow in i m p ~ r t a n c e . 13j s k Dealkylation and deacylation of N-substituted henethylamine anorex- Aromatic hydroxi c s are l i k e l y t o be rapid metabolic processee.

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