Antimony: Its history, chemistry, mineralogy, geology, by Ch'ung-yu Wang

By Ch'ung-yu Wang

A Metallurgical paintings in English via a chinese language writer is rare; yet lengthy place of dwelling in the USA, and in England and different components of Europe, and masses examine of English literature, have familiarised me with the language, and feature inspired me to make it the medium for offering my paintings to the English-speaking public: and that i wish to show my because of Messrs Charles Griffin & Co. for the chance they've got afforded me of doing so.

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2*5. Plumbostannite. —Sulphantimonate of lead, tin, and iron. —Amorphous, granular. H. = 2. Feel greasy, like graphite. —Peru. Polybasite. SboS3. —- Orthorhombic. "H. = 2-3. G. = 6-0-6*2. Lustre metallic. Colour iron-black. Streak black... —Mexico; Chili; Pribram. 42 THE METALLURGY OF ANTIMONY. Pyrargyrite. Sb2S3. Properties. — Rhombohedral. H. = 2'5. G. = 5*77-5-86. Lustre metallic-adamantine. Colour black to grayish black ; by transmitted light deep-red. Streak purplish red. Occurrence. — At Andreasberg in the Harz; Freiberg, Saxony ; Bohemia; and Kremnitz, Hungary.

It is colourless, and boils at 140° under the ordinary atmospheric pressure. Its specific density at 20° = 2-346. SCl4. PCl5. SeOCl2. POCl3. 3C6H6NO2. SbCl5. C5HSO.. (C2H5)2O. Ho0. 8H2O. H2O. 2NH8. 9H20. 9H2O. 4NH3. —This cannot be produced in a pure form. 2H20. 4H2O. H2O. —This is obtained by heating antimony at 130° with an excess of iodine, It is dark brown, and melts at 78°-79°. —When metallic antimony is treated with nitric acid, the pentoxide is formed. In a dry way it can be obtained thus :— 32 THE METALLURGY OF ANTIMONY.

Antimony ore is also found at Hata, Brodkowic, Pribram, and Michaelsberg. —The main mass of the rocks in this locality consists of light-gray to ash-gray limestones, probably of Triassic age, upon which gray and blackish soft clay slates, and in part also clastic graywacke slates, rest. These limestones and slates are cut through at many localities by biotite trachytes, and less often by hornblende andesites of trachytic habit. These eruptive rocks appear as dykes, sheets, and stocks within the strata, and also * From "Lehre von den Erzlagerstattea," von Beck: Berlin, Gebruder Borntraeger, 1903; translated by Weed, "The Nature of Ore Deposits," N.

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