Apostles Or Bishops by John Eckhardt

By John Eckhardt

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It is the most important and primary gift in the church. This does not mean that we don’t need the other gifts. They are also important. 12:28). 4:11). How is it that a ministry that is listed once gets more priority in most churches than a ministry listed over seventy times? Our tradition has kept us from emphasizing the ministry that the Holy Spirit has emphasized in the Word of God. Some believers and churches are afraid to use the term APOSTLE. But it is a New Testament word that describes the most important and up-front ministry in the church.

2:25. Note: Presbuteros, an elder, is another term for the same person as bishop or overseer. See Acts 20:17 with verse 28. The term "elder” indicates the mature spiritual experience and understanding of those so described; the term "bishop,” or "overseer,” indicates the character of his work undertaken. 5:14. Roger Sapp states in his book The last Apostles on earth "As Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others were raised up by God in the dark Ages of Europe to be forces in the Reformation, they and others were the first to acknowledge the misuse of the term bishop.

This book is not intended to oppose leaders with genuine gifts and callings. I personally have many friends who identify themselves as bishops and yet they know they are apostles. My only desire is to remove any confusion or tradition that would hinder the many apostles that are emerging around the world. Many of these emerging apostles are in denominations that are more administrative than apostolic. The lack of movement in many organizations has frustrated many emerging apostles. Many apostles end up leaving groups that they love in order to fulfill their ministries.

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