Application Development Systems: The Inside Story of by Nan C. Shu (auth.), Dr. Tosiyasu L. Kunii (eds.)

By Nan C. Shu (auth.), Dr. Tosiyasu L. Kunii (eds.)

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Interface types, along with all other type definitions, are separately compiled into definition modules that may be imported by any NIL program. A caller (sender) program and a receiver program must both be compiled against the same interface type definition for their corresponding ports in order for a binding to be possible. At the call site, the compiler checks that all parameters are in the entry types tate, and assumes all parameters after the call are in the exit typestate. Conversely at the site receiving the call, all parameters are assumed to have the entry typestate, and the compiler checks that they are set to the exit typestate prior to the return from the call.

Minker. : Logic and Databases. New York: Plenum Press 1978 7. Gallaire. • Minker, 1.. : Logic and Data'bases: A Deductive Approach. ACM Computing Surveys. 16,2. 153-186 (June 1984) 8. : Control for Iterative Evaluation of Recursive Rules in Deductive Database Systems. J. Watson Research Center Abstract This paper is a summary of ongoing research activities related to the programming language NIL, a very high level language for large, long-lived software systems developed at IBM Yorktown. We first present a short summary of the major features of NIL.

The message is queued at the input port until the owner of the input port dequeues it using a receive operation. It is possible for the queue to contain more than one message, since the sender may continue to send additional messages through the output port, and since there may be several output ports connected to the same input port. Successive messages sent over a single output port will be received in FIFO order, but no specific order other than a fair merge is guaranteed for messages sent over different output ports which arrive at the same input port.

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