Automatic Control in Space 1985. Proceedings of the Tenth by France) IFAC Symposium (10th : 1985 : Toulouse, J. P.

By France) IFAC Symposium (10th : 1985 : Toulouse, J. P. Chretien

Provides an authoritative assessment of the hot advancements and technical advances within the purposes of automatic regulate to area know-how. subject matters lined contain: geostationary satellites, medical satellites, versatile platforms, low earth orbit satellites, orbit and trajectory keep watch over, part expertise, systems, rendez-vous and docking (RVD) and manipulators. includes 39 examine and evaluate papers.

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04. F (DEGJ Measured and simulated friction characteris­ tics of APS bearings. The cogging torque is caused by the interaction of permanent magnets with motor winding slots in the 24 pole gimbal torque motors. Figure 4 shows test measurements of the disturbance torque. The cogging torque was modeled with a fifth order Fourier series with a 24 Hz fundamental. 5 u Fic ■ ^ *W J N torrf^ - . 3 7 / * ov ΟΛ/ e O ea : r e y ö / j+icN Cogging torque for one torquer caused by inter­ action of permanent magnets in the gimbal torquer motor.

Lievre SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCES CONCLUSION 2 T h e s o l a r s a i l i n g , d e v e l o p p e d b y MATRA, h a s b e e n i m p l e m e n t e d on EUROSTAR s p a c e c r a f t s (ATHOS, UNISAT. . ) ( r a n g e : from 700 kg t o 1100 kg i n d r i f t o r b i t ) . T h e n o r m a l mode a c t u a t o r s t r a d e off i s s h o w n in t a b l e 3 . T h e i m p r o \ e m e n t s d u e t o t h e proposed design are : - no t h r u s t e r f a i l u r e r i s k s , - no e r g o l c o n s u m p t i o n - better performances.

Was taken from Dahl(1968). This model did not match test results for the case of momentary reversals in direction and was modified using the results of 0sborne(1974) to obtain results better The e quations of motion for a two axis gimbal set were derived in closed form by taking advantage of the gimbals symmetric geomet ry and treating each gimbal as a rigid body. The equations describing the five 1 owest bending modes of the flexible hinged mast sans gimbals were obtained from finite element model of the struct Lire.

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