B0575 Guide to surface engineering terminology (matsci) by Eugeneiusz Tyrkiel, Peter Dearnley

By Eugeneiusz Tyrkiel, Peter Dearnley

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A general term encompassing shot blasting, grit blasting and sand blasting. dry galvanising. Hot dip galvanising in which the object, after degreasing and pickling, is immersed in an aqueous flux solution, then dried and immersed in a molten zinc bath. A rather inappropriate term. drying. The process of removing residues from washing operations by means of hot or cold air, freon, infra-red radiation or centrifugal action. dull finish. A surface of poor specular reflectivity. Matt surface is also an acceptable term.

Carburising involving the passage of current between the object to be treated (which acts as a cathode) and a graphite anode, usually in a molten salt bath' - IFHT DEFINITION. Carburising in a molten salt mixture containing alkaline, alkaline-earth metal carbonates and halides. The object being treated acts as a cathode, while the anode comprises a graphite or carborundum rod. The process is carried out at 9500C. Rarely practised outside Eastern Europe. Also see salt bath carburising. electrolytic cleaning.

5 A/cm2 at temperatures of 920-940 0 C for 3-4 hours. 1mm. electrolytic polishing. See electropoloishing. electrolytic salt bath descaling. Salt bath descaling in which the molten salt acts as an electrolyte and the object to be descaled may be either cathodically or anodically polarised. This process is mainly used for high-alloy tool steels. Rarely practised outside Eastern Europe. electron assisted PVD. See supported glow discharge plasma. electron beam. A high power density beam generated by a device termed an electron gun.

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