Bastard out of Carolina: (Plume Essential Edition) by Dorothy Allison

By Dorothy Allison

Ruth Anne "Bone" Boatwright, an illegitimate younger woman, desires of escaping her Greenville County, South Carolina, domestic, her infamous, hard-living kinfolk, and the undesirable attentions of her abusive stepfather, Daddy Glen. a primary novel. Reprint. nationwide e-book Award finalist. NYT.

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I could not have said a word if GreatGreat-Granddaddy had been standing there looking back at me with my own black eyes. 21 Mama wore her hair cut short, curled, and bleached. Every other month she and Aunt Alma would get together and do each other's hair, rinsing Aunt Alma's in beer or lemon juice to lighten it just a little, trimming Mama's back and bleaching it that dark blond she liked. Then they'd set pin curls for each other, and while those dried they would coax Reese into sitting still long enough that her baby-fine red locks could be tied up in rags.

I'm gonna fly you to the stars, little girl," Uncle Earle teased through clenched teeth, making Reese scream all the louder. The words were barely our of his mouth when he slipped in the grass, coming down hard on his butt. His legs flew straight out in front of him, and Reese landed safely on his lap, her scream turning to a giggle as Earle started to curse. " "Serve you right if you did," Granny yelled at him. "You could have killed that child. " "You come on too, Bone," Mama called to me.

I knew what it was under his hand. I'd seen my cousins naked, laughing, shaking their things and joking, but this was a mystery, scary and hard. His sweat running down his arms to my skin smelled strong and nasty. He grunted, squeezed my thighs between his arm and his legs. His chin pressed down on my head and his hips pushed up at the same time. He was hurting me, hurting me! I sobbed once, and he dropped back down and let go of me. I bit my lips and held still. He brought his hand up to wipe it on the blanket, and I could smell something strange and bitter on his fingers.

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