Boulogne 20 Guards Brigade's Fighting Defence, May 1940 by Jon Cooksey

By Jon Cooksey

Boulogne - 23 may perhaps, 1940. A city lower than siege. A rampant German panzer department hammers at its gates. Panic on the street and chaos at the docks. Air Raids. anxious refugees and dispirited Allied infantrymen scramble to flee. Churchill sends battalions of the Irish and the Welsh Guards, to assist the French garrison stem the German tide.

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To call the Tourist Office or for hotel reservations from the UK dial 00 33, followed by the nine digit number given. ) Hotels in Boulogne: Metropole ***, 51-53,Rue Thiers, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer. Tel: 321 31 54 30 Fax: 321 30 45 72. Situated close to the harbour and shops in the heart of the Bass Ville. Ibis Vieille Villes **, Rue Porte Neuve, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer. Tel: 321 31 21 01, Fax: 321 31 48 25. One of a series of Ibis hotels in Boulogne directly opposite the Porte Neuve and just outside the thirteenth century ramparts of the Haute Ville.

The Port of Boulogne in use by the British during the Great War of 1914-18. The Port of Boulogne in use by the British during the Great War of 1914-18. When war came to this part of France again in May 1940 in the shape of the rampant German panzer divisions of General Heinz Guderian’s XIX Panzerkorps, the British response to the threat to these two channel ports was remarkably similar. In both cases a brigade consisting of some of the finest troops that Britain could muster were hastily dispatched across the English Channel in an effort to block and secure an ancient port through which the British government might reinforce and re-supply its beleaguered Expeditionary Force in the field.

Smith, Mr. Cyril Sutton, and Mr. Charles Thompson. I am grateful for permission to quote from the published memoirs of Mr. Arthur Evans and Mr. Peter Hanbury. I received a great deal of help from the families of men involved in the battle. , son of Sir Alexander Stanier who led 2 Welsh Guards during the battle for Boulogne, was unfailingly helpful and courteous during the early stages of my research and loaned many valuable family documents. I am grateful to him for permission to quote from his father’s published memoirs and lecture notes and for permission to publish hitherto unseen photographs.

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