Beauty and the Bike by Richard Grassick, Beatrix Wupperman, Sabine Bungert, Phil

By Richard Grassick, Beatrix Wupperman, Sabine Bungert, Phil Dixon

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. .. Her writing is apparent and concise, sprinkled with bits of humor and lots of suggestions gleamed from her years operating as a kayak teacher, consultant and clothing store. --Sea Kayaker journal the 1st variation of the whole Sea Kayaker's instruction manual bought instant acclaim with its choice because the top outdoors tutorial publication through the nationwide open air ebook Award workforce.

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Islands, tall buildings, even anchored ships cast wind shadows (areas of less wind) on their leeward sides. Sailing from fresh winds into one of these wind shadows greatly de powers asailboat. Hot air rising from shore Thermal Winds Cooler air over water Local winds are often caused by differences in temperature between the shore and neighboring water. As denser cool air is drawn toward rising warm air, wind is created. " The technical term is thermal wind. The most famous illustration of thermal wind is on San Francisco Bay, where hot air rising out of the Sacramento Valley, about 75 miles inland from San Francisco, creates avacuum that draws in 25-knot winds through the Golden Gate almost every summer afternoon like clockwork.

S. is a well known ocean current. In coastal areas, currents are also caused by the tides rising and falling. Depending on their direction, these currents can either assist or hinder your progress while sailing. It is important to know the direction and strength of currents. Charts, tide tables, and a watch are helpful in planning your sail. These photos, taken at the same location, show the difference between high and low tide. Consulting a tide table and a chart will help you avoid running aground during a low tide.

Again, preparing and communicating with your crew is essential for a smooth, controlled, and safe maneuver. " The crew check the sheets to make sure they are ready to run out, and uncleat the working jib sheet and mainsheet before responding, "Ready/" It is important to be aware of the boom crossing the boat and to keep your head down! -Je:ttT- ...... - - -- ... --- Your First Sail --- ........ " iii ... '' or "Jibe-hoI" and slowly turns the boat away from the wind (tiller away from sail). The crew members ease the working jib sheet and start to sheet in the mainsail .

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