Biological Materials Science: Biological Materials, by Meyers M.A., Chen P.-Y.

By Meyers M.A., Chen P.-Y.

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This is a surprising fact, if we consider that the basic polymers and minerals used in natural systems are quite weak. This limited strength is a result of the ambient temperature and the aqueous environment processing, as well as of the limited availability of elements (primarily C, N, Ca, H, O, Si, P). Biological organisms produce composites that are organized in terms of composition and structure, containing both inorganic and organic components in complex structures. They are hierarchically organized at the nano-, micro-, and meso-levels.

2009). Shown in Fig. 10 are SEM micrographs at similar magnifications comparing nanofibrils in (a) gecko, (b) tree frog, and (c) abalone foot. The nano-/ microstructural design in different animal species shows surprising similarity. This is indeed an example of how biological organisms utilize the same, often optimized, design strategies to fulfill their functional purpose, in this case adhesion. 10. Nanofibril structure found in (a) gecko foot (used with permission from Keller Autumn. Copyright © Kellar Autumn); (b) tree frog toe pads (reprinted from Meyers et al.

Mg-Ca and Mg-Ca-Zn alloys have great potential for the future. In these alloys, the Mg2Ca phase forms a low-dissolution-rate component. The dissolution rate can be measured in vivo, but in-vitro experiments are valuable to produce preliminary data. 4) are used for this purpose. 1. % Zn), in µm/day, and effect of grain size reduction by ECAP (equal channel angular pressing) and hot rolling (HR) in comparison with standard conditions (SC). (Reprinted from Wang et al. 7 Self-assembly, hierarchy, and evolution Viscoelasticity Viscoelasticity is best understood if we consider the springs and shocks of automobiles.

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