Biosensor Design and Application by Paul R. Mathewson and John W. Finley (Eds.)

By Paul R. Mathewson and John W. Finley (Eds.)

content material: Catalysis and long-range electron move by means of quinoproteins / Victor L. Davidson --
Microbiosensors for foodstuff research / Isao Karube and Masayasu Suzuki --
Biosensors for nutrition research / A.A. Suleiman and G.G. Guilbault --
Metalloporphyrin-coated electrodes for detection of 2,4-D / Namal Priyantha and Marianne Tambalo --
Intact chemoreceptor-based biosensors : antennular receptrodes / R. Michael Buch --
Immunoelectrodes for the detection of micro organism / Judith Rishpon, Yigal Gezundhajt, Lior Soussan, Ilana Rosen-Margalit, and Eran Hadas --
Drug detection utilizing the move immunosensor / Frances S. Ligler, Anne W. Kusterbeck, Robert A. Ogert, and Gregory A. Wemhoff --
A conductive polymer-based immunosensor for the research of pesticide residues / Robert G. Sandberg, Lisa J. Van Houten, Jerome L. Schwartz, Robert P. Bigliano, Stephen M. Dallas, John C. Silvia, Michael A. Cabelli, and V. Narayanswamy --
software of capacitive affinity biosensors : HIV antibody and glucose detection / Herbert S. Bresler, Michael J. Lenkevich, James F. Murdock, Jr., Arnold L. Newman, and Richard O. Roblin --
Characterization of fluorescent dyes for optical immunosensors in line with fluorescence strength move / Ai-Ping Wei, James N. Herron, and Douglas A. Christensen --
Concanavalin A and polysaccharide on gold surfaces : research utilizing floor plasmon resonance suggestions / R.F. DeBono, U.J. Krull, and Gh. Rounaghi --
Noninvasive decision of moisture and oil content material of wheat-flour cookies : near-infrared spectroscopy within the wavelength diversity 700-1100 nm / R.M. Ozanich, Jr., M.L. Schrattenholzer, and J.B. Callis --
Fiber-optic biosensors according to overall internal-reflection fluorescence / K.R. Rogers, N.A. Anis, J.J. Valdes, and M.E. Eldefrawi --
wishes for biosensors in space-biology learn / Sjoerd L. Bonting --
climbing in examine and improvement / Bego Gerber.

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Ch003 SULEIMAN & GUILBAULT Biosensors for Food Analysis GLUTAMATE CONC (mM) F i g u r e 1. Comparison of the s t e a d y - s t a t e current response of the d i f f e r e n t Glutamate e l e c t r o d e s c o n s t r u c t e d from Immobilon membrane. · Hydrogen p e r o x i d e b a s e d e l e c t r o d e u s i n g enzyme membrane o n l y ; A h y d r o g e n p e r o x i d e based e l e c t r o d e u s i n g enzyme m e m b r a n e w i t h 1 0 0 MW c u t - o f f m e m b r a n e ; • oxygen b a s e d e l e c t r o d e u s i n g enzyme membrane a n d h y d r o p h o b i c o x y g e n membrane; Δ same a s • but w i t h substrate recycling.

BUCH Intact Chemoreceptor-Based Biosensors 49 receptor-based biosensors were able to selectively detect the 21 naturallyoccurring amino acids at the nanomolar level. Further experimentation resulted in the detection of several excitatory amino acids below the picomolar level. More current work, to be discussed in the remainder of this chapter, focusses on the development of neuronal-based biosensors utilizing the antennules of two Pacific crustaceans, Podophthalmus vigil, the Hawaiian longeyed crab, and Portunis sanguinolentus, the Hawaiian blood-spotted crab.

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