British Infantry 1944-45

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Vertebra. The body is procoelous. , No. 142a, cranial side; E - the same as D. ) grandipes, No. 19. The first three vertebrae, the transverse processes of which are fused with the ribs, X 4; G - the same specimen as in F. The left side of the vertebral column. 602b. 5. 1 - protuberance on the arch; 2 - concave side of the body of the vertebra; 3 - convex side of the body of the vertebra; 4 - foramen vertebrale; 5 - neural arch; 6 - fovea muscularis; 7 praezygapophysis; 8 - processus transversus; 9 - corpus vertebrae; 10 - processus spinosus; 11 - rib; II - second vertebra, III - third vertebra and processus transversus, with a rib belonging to these vertebrae etc.

P. sp. W. 11. P. vicentinus Peters 12. P. sp. Portis 13. P. grandipes Gieb. 14. P. bohemicus v. Meyer 15. P. gigas v. Meyer 16. P. cf. gigas v. Meyer 17. P. rarus Wolt. 18. P. fritschii Wolt. var. major Wolt. 19. P.? rarus Wolt. 20. P. wetzleri Wolt. 21. P. cf. gigas v. Meyer, var. carinata Wolt. 22. P. cf. gigas v. Meyer, var. subcarinata Wolt. 23. P. cf. gigas v. Meyer var. depressa Wolt. 24. P. intermedius Wolt. 25. P. falax Wolt. 26. P. falax Wolt. var. major Wolt. 27. P. falax Wolt. var. tuberculosa 28.

10, fig. 3, in which the tadpoles are considered as belonging to pelobatids, not to palaeobatrachids. 37 Descriptive part Palaeobatrachidae Cope, 1865 Pelobatidae Stannius, 1856 Ribs Five pairs of free ribs, fusing during ontogeny with the transverse processes of vertebrae (2-6)_ Free ribs were not ascertained in most of the specimens, but in the genus Eopelobates (tadpoles) small ribs are indicated at the end of the transverse processes of the second, third and fourth vertebrae. Parasphenoid Rather long, dagger-shaped (without lateral processes), extending orally_ Shorter, inversely T-shaped, with striking lateral processes of alae parasphenoidis.

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