Byzantium Secundus (Fading Suns RPG) by Christopher Howard, Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg

By Christopher Howard, Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg

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The Mycenaeans fully appreciated the symbolism of war expressed in architecture. Just as architectural devices could represent the dangers of defeat, so a feeling of strength could be imparted to deter an attacker. Protection without resort to force, achieved by deterrence alone, has always been a major feature of fortification. Almost the whole of the enceinte is built in the Cyclopean style of large blocks of limestone, quarried from the rock of the citadel itself, and either completely unworked or dressed in only rudimentary fashion.

Its retired position, therefore, was one of great importance. In the first place it oversaw the fertile Argive plain, and secondly it controlled the communications north through the mountains to Corinth and the Isthmus. 52), was proverbial in Classical times for its wealth. At its zenith Mycenae consisted of a heavily fortified administrativecentre with further settlements scattered beyond the enceinte. The enceinte The Cyclopean circuit-wall is preserved for its whole extent. There is a gap along the precipitous south-east slope where there is no need of fortification.

Many of the named heroic kingdoms do equate to the later historical geo-political groupings. Nestor's Pylos, for instance, resembles the area prior to Spartan domination. 570). Unfortunately, however, no geopolitical arrangement corresponds to Agamemnon's kingdom in historical Greece; Mycenae naturally fell under the control of Argos, while Corinth was independent. Furthermore, the Arcadians were normally regarded by Homer as a single, unified race (ethnos), but during historical times found it natural enough to squabble amongst themselves.

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