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LFG Roland C.II

LFG Roland C. II КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ LFG Roland C. II(Windsock Datafile 49)By Peter M. GroszPublisher: Albatros Productions Ltd199540 PagesISBN: 0948414669PDF19 MBThe LFG Roland C. 1I Walfisch (Whale) made its frontline debut in March-April 1916 and used to be really sooner than its time. compared to all different two-seat varieties of its day, on either side of the strains, it stands aside in aerodynamic and structural layout, sufficiently complex in reality to spawn a single-seat fighter (see WINDSOCK DATAFILENo.

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29 That night he had reached Kilmacthomas, fifteen miles from Waterford. There he got the good news that Dungarvan had just surrendered to Broghill. Waterford was now in a very isolated position. On December 13, Wogan and Farrell tried to relieve 25 26 27 28 29 Gardiner, op. cit, I, p. 142. Carte MSS, xxvi, 181. 16. Carlyle, op. , Ill, p. 513. , p. 514, Cromwell's Siege of Waterford, 1649 19 the pressure by a joint attack on Passage, but met with a severe reverse. Wogan brought over two great battering guns from Duncannon and a mortar, and he and a strong force of Ulster foot were pressing the attack on Passage when a parliamentary force of horse and dragoons under Colonel Sankey fell on them.

The Parliamentary army attempted an assault on it on June 19. This was unsuccessful, as their ladders were too short. But after further bombardment they stormed it on June 2 1 ; the technique adopted was to select a leading man from each troop for the assault. These picked men were provided with back, breast and head pieces and supplied with hand grenades. They succeeded in capturing the tower and were given a gratuity as a reward. However, the Irish broke down some arches of the bridge nearer the city so that the Parliamentarians could not come across.

Ill, p. 182. Hugh Dubh O'Neill's Defence of Limerick 23 was held by Lord Dillon who skilfully played for time with long/drawn parleys ings. He sent Major/General Sir Hardress Waller to deal with Limerick. Waller must have known Limerick well, as twenty years before this he had married Miss Dowdall of Kilfinny and had become a big landlord in the county. Advantage was taken of the Parliament's seapower. 5 On 9 September, 1650 Waller sent a letter to O'Neill calling on him to surrender, failing which Limerick would be besieged.

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