Carbon-Centered Radicals I by H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

By H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

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Of N,O satd. soln. O *) For 6. seep. 43. 6, Data may be in error by a factor of 2 or 3. 1 M NaCIO,. ‘) Measuredat variouswavelengths or dose levels. 9, All data may bc in error by a factor of 2 or 3. 4 Cycloalkyl radicals Ref. p. / add. ref. Rate data TCKI --+ 45 products Pulse rad. of soln. 5 RT L=240nm; s=3500M-1 cm-l 2 NHC(CH,)CONHC(CH,)CO - products Pulse rad. of soln. 3 RT 1=240nm; sN3500M-1cm-’ 2 N(CH,)CHCON(CH,)CH,CO - 2 i*) products Pulse rad. of N,O satd. soln. O l - 71Hay2 products Pulse rad.

0. 2. lo7 Ref. p. / add. ref. 3 Six-membered rings a 2 /O HNI”x - products 04 -N-H React. 103M-1cm-1 ‘) 0 2 HN l 0 R H - products R=Cl 4 L% N H Pulse rad. of soln. 6(12)~10gM-1s-’ 1=325nm; ~=1300M-~s-~ products Pulse rad. of soln. 10gM-‘s-’ 1=240nm; s=3500M-‘cm-’ 2 NHCHCONHCH,CO - 72Hay2 products Pulse rad. of soln. 10gM-‘s-’ 1=240nm; s=3000M-l cm-’ 3, 5-fluorouracil. 75Wagl 4, 5-chlorouracil. 5-bromouracil. 4 Cycloalkyl radicals [Ref. p. / Solvent TWI 2 6;) products H-atom add. to uracil KAS H,O, pH = 5 Rate data add.

76. 70. 25. 53(25)kJ mol- ’ 2 H,C==CHC(OH)NH, products Pulse rad. of soln. 6 RT 26) For i=270nm, the 75Mad 1 above300K ally1radicalswerereactingdirectly with the triallyl phosphite. data. =375nm, c=1200M-‘cm-‘. 9 Radicals with 3 conjugated x-electrons 52 Reaction Radical generation Method Solvent 7-M Rate data 2(CH,),CC=C(C(CH,),)[P(O)(OC,H,),] f+, products due to bimolecular decay React. l s [Ref. p. / add. ref. 75Gri2 2(CH,),SiC=C(Si(CH,),) [P(OC,H,), (OC(CH,),)] -t+, products due to bimolecular decay React.

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