Cavalry in Future Wars by Friedrich von Bernhardi, Charles Sydney Goldman

By Friedrich von Bernhardi, Charles Sydney Goldman

Friedrich Adolf Julius von Bernhardi used to be a Prussian normal and army historian. He used to be a best-selling writer sooner than global conflict I. A militarist, he's might be most sensible identified for his bellicose e-book Deutschland und der Nächste Krieg, revealed in 1911.

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Now that all European States are straining every nerve to employ enormous masses of men from the 12 THE MODERN CONDITIONS OF WAR moment of hostilities, in order thus to gain an adwhilst their enemy is still concentrating, and vantage when we further consider how these exertions must first increase the strain throughout the nation to the very utmost, it must be apparent that the first great de- Arms must be of overwhelming importance. Not only the troops directly concerned, but the masses cision of ' * behind them, find themselves for the moment involved consequences of victory or defeat.

The beaten troops generally drift Very rarely in it back quite involuntarily in the direction into which they have been compelled by the results of the tactical decision. The wider the original front, the greater the masses of the troops concerned (which are now not only in a demoralized condition, but are compelled, under pressure of pursuit, to change their communications into new directions, and for this purpose to disentangle the columns drawn in for the concentration) and the greater the certainty that conditions must arise which will give to an active PURSUIT OF BEATEN TROOPS 15 Cavalry an even richer opportunity of harvest than was formerly open to them.

Now, the Cavalry can hardly expect to attain more indeed, it is doubtful whether they would succeed even in confirming what is already known, for the difficulties to be overcome, as we have seen, are numerous, and nowhere can one find completed situations from which to make reliable deductions. At most they can determine that certain places are already occupied, and that the traffic on certain lines is considerable, things that one knew a priori, which, therefore, are not worth any serious sacrifice.

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