Celtic Mythology by Catherine Bernard

By Catherine Bernard

Introduces the Celts and their mythology, bearing on seven stories with their roots basically in eire and Wales and putting every one in old and cultural context.

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Sure enough, Cúchulainn declared he would indeed make his way to Alba. Forgall secretly hoped that Cúchulainn would be killed in the process. Cúchulainn made his way to Alba, the Island of Shadows. He faced many perils along the way. When he finally arrived, he was faced with the Bridge of Leaps, which offered the only passage onto the island. The treacherous bridge was very long and worked something like a see-saw—whenever weight was added to one side, the other end lifted up until the entire bridge stood straight up in the air.

The only rule she had was that he could not let his feet touch earthly soil or he would never be allowed to return to the Land of Promise. Oisín promised and made his way to Ireland. When he arrived, he found the country entirely changed. The palace of the Fianna was no longer in the same place. The men who roamed around seemed tiny compared to Oisín. He asked if anyone knew where he could find Finn and the Fianna. The only responses he received were surprised glances. He was told that those were the names of people who had lived long ago.

Cúchulainn pledged to do just that, provided that Emer would agree to marry him once he succeeded in his quest. Emer agreed, so Cúchulainn went off to win his fame and fortune, stopping at King Conchobar’s palace on the way. 39 Celtic Mythology Emer’s father, Forgall, was not pleased with these arrangements, however. He had had a premonition that his daughter’s marriage to Cúchulainn would somehow lead to his own death. To guard against such a fate, he wanted to make sure that Cúchulainn would not survive his adventures.

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