Chinese Qigong Outgoing-Qi Therapy by Yongsheng Bi

By Yongsheng Bi

Divided into 8 chapters, this booklet expounds greatly the final wisdom and theoretical foundation of outgoing-qi remedy, the issues, education, tips and emission of qi, the prognosis of affliction via outgoing-qi, its ideas and particular therapy tools, and the concepts for correcting deviations happening in the course of Qigong perform. additionally brought are 20 tools of educating and guiding qi, 29 hand gestures for emitting qi and the talents of differential prognosis and therapy of forty five universal illnesses. a few result of laboratory experiments of outgoing-qi are incorporated to supply the medical evidence of the consequences.

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2-10 -58- The Yangqiao Channel -59- and Chengqi (St 1) to Jingming (U B 1), where it ascends into the hairline, goes behind the ear, meets the Gallbladder Channel and ends at Fengchi (G B 20) (Fig . 2-10). 3 . The Collaterals The collaterals are the branch conduits from the channels . They spread all over the body like a net . While the channels belong to the interior, lie deeper and are thicker, the collaterals are superficial and much thinner . The main function of the collateral is to transfuse qi and blood of the channels to all parts of the body to nourish the tendon, bone, skin and the five sense organs (nose, eye, lip, tongue and ear), and to link the interior with the exterior .

The Kidney The kidney is attributed to north-water and regarded as the Black Emperor . The two kidneys lie respectively on the two sides of the spinal column, opposite to the navel . u of the Heavenly Stems and Hai and Zi of the Earthly Branches and is interior-exteriorly related with the urinary bladder . The kidney stores essence, controls the bones and produces bone marrow, governs water metabolism and fire from Mingmen (Du 4, gate of life) and regulates respiration. The ear and the two yin (the anus and the external genital and urethral orifice) are the orifice to the kidney, and the -40- kidney-energy flows' to the brain .

The principle of being moderate in sexual life in order to preserve essence (turbid essence) . 2 . Vital Energy (Qi) 1. Essence (Jing) According to the understanding of the medical doctors and qigong masters of various generations, essence Oing) can be classified as congenital and acquired . As it is the basic substance and the dynamic force for maintaining normal life activities of the human body, vital en- (1) Congenital Essence (Primordial Essence) Inherited from parents, congenital essence constitutes the ergy (qi) implicates two aspects, material and functional .

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