Costa Rica by Linda Whitwam, Jon Spaull, Ian O'Leary

By Linda Whitwam, Jon Spaull, Ian O'Leary

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To the left of the main altar is the Capilla del Santísimo (Chapel of the Holy Sacrament), which has walls and ceilings decorated with wooden quadrants painted with floral motifs. The short gallery The horseshoe-shaped auditorium of Teatro Mélico Salazar that leads to the chapel contains a glass-and-gilt coffin earthquake in 1820. Designed with a naked statue of Christ by Eusebio Rodríguez, the draped with a sash in the austere-looking structure colors of the Costa Rican flag. 1 combines Greek Orthodox, To the south of the Neoclassical, and cathedral is La Curía (The Map 1 C4.

San José’s growing prominence under Carrillo led Costa Rican workers picking ripe coffee berries, woodcut, 1880 THE FORMATIVE YEARS OF THE REPUBLIC TIMELINE 1821 The 1830s 1835–7 Ley de Ambulancia Central American nations gain independence Coffee boom establishes rotating capitals 1820 1856 William permanent capital 1830 1840 1824 Guanacaste secedes from Nicaragua to join Costa Rica 1823 Federation of Central America proclaimed. Civil war President Juan Rafael Mora (1814–60) Walker invades Costa Rica 1837 San José becomes 1850 1860 1870 1849 Cafetaleros elevate Juan Rafael Mora to power, initiating political withdraws from the dominance of coffee Federation, declares barons independence 1838 Costa Rica 1869 General Tomás Guardia establishes compulsory, free education for all T H E H I S T O R Y O F C O S T A R I C A 45 Mora raised a makeshift army that repulsed Walker but also created a group of ambitious, self-styled generals who from then on meddled in politics at the behest of their cafetalero (coffee baron) patrons.

The uses and crafting of these items are demonstrated with the help of models and other displays, which also depict the social and cultural evolution of pre-Columbian cultures. Museo Numismático The National Coin Museum exhibits date back to 1502.

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