Cows (Little House on the Bowery Series, Book 1) by Matthew Stokoe

By Matthew Stokoe

In a decaying condo: a mom, a son and a paralysed puppy. Monstrously fats and murderously pushed, said in basic terms because the Hagbeast, the mum employs her personal specified model of dinnertime food as she makes an attempt to lead to the loss of life of her simply child.​

Steven sickens slowly, holed up in his room, looking at ideal lives on television, dreaming of what it'd be prefer to be secure, to be at liberty, to be loved.... Dreaming of Brady Bunch perfection. His basically significant other puppy, the unswerving canines his mom crippled with a brick.​

In the residence upstairs Lucy spends her nights looking for the pollutants she understands are gathering within her physique, eager to rid herself of them. while she enlists Steven's support to govern a section of invasive scientific gear, he starts off to work out higher existence could certainly be attainable. Lucy will be his accomplice, they can make a house jointly, they can have a child. they can be like the parents on TV.​

But that will suggest surviving his nightly poisonings. that might suggest killing his mom - no suggest feat after a life of smack-downs. thankfully, a brand new task on the neighborhood slaughterhouse introduces him to Cripps, an insane foreman who preaches the gospel of self-empowerment via killing. Steven figures the best way forward is apparent, figures it's see you later Mommy. yet there are cows dwelling less than town, and after they come for Steven, he units his attractions lots higher.​

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