Crash Diet - Lose 7lbs in 7 Days by Monica Grenfell

By Monica Grenfell

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Millions of women who might be contemplating adding a fitness plan into their lives could be put off, imagining that a good figure automatically entails torture. I hope you are not one of those people, and will know the difference between exercising through guilt and exercising for pleasure. My message to you is get trim, lose the fat with diet and maintain your figure with careful attention to muscle tone, flexibility and strength, to keep everything firm and bulge-free. CRASH DIET MONICA GRENFELL 69 The truth about fat-burning Never, ever use exercise for weight control.

And of course, food is just as delicious whether you eat from a 6” plate or 10” plate. CRASH DIET MONICA GRENFELL 61 We are all human and it is natural to have a good appetite and enjoy your food. Food is one of life’s great pleasures. Luckily, some of the most delicious things to eat are also good for you, and natural beautifiers. Good eating is a good idea! I don’t think it is ever too late – or too soon – to get a proper diet in place. Here are my suggestions: 1 Losing weight is about calories.

Buy a pint of milk, perhaps. With a bit of common-sense, imagination and determination, you can manage your diet and not become the victim of someone else’s idea of what you should eat. 2 Eat bite-sized portions of food. Think of finger-buffet portions. 3 A meal should be no more than ten mouthfuls. Count them. Hunger passes with the first mouthful. Nourishment is satisfied after about ten mouthfuls. If you have counted twenty mouthfuls and are still only halfway through your food, you are eating too much.

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