Curse of Cthulhu by Keith Herber

By Keith Herber

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The exact benefits and drawbacks of this fortune are up to the GM, and depend largely on the specific Loa that chooses you. Note that a belief in Voodoo is not required for you to take this fortune. HANGIN’ LOOK You have a deeply suspicious look and are clearly destined for an end on the gallows. Benefits and Drawbacks: Any judge who tries you for any crime will respond to your “look” by sentencing you to death by hanging. Of course, it is always possible for your crewmates to contrive a prison breakout or similar rescue.

An Enlightened character may not also take the Superstitious fortune. EX-ZOMBI You used to be undead, but you got better. You were rescued from a delusional zombi state by luck, fate, or good friends. Despite the rescue, your skin is still pale and you have the gaunt look of a cadaver. Benefits and Drawbacks: You suffer a –2 circumstance penalty to Bluff and Diplomacy checks due to your disconcerting appearance. The advantage to this condition is that you gain immunity to fear spells and effects, and a +2 circumstance bonus on your modified level check when attempting to resist a hostile Intimidate attempt.

Free Skill Ranks: Escape Artist 2, Bluff 2. Bonuses and Penalties: You receive a +2 circumstance bonus to Charisma-based skills and checks when dealing with other slaves or former slaves. You suffer from a –2 circumstance penalty to these same checks when dealing with slaveowners and the upper classes. Contacts: Two free contacts of your choice with slaves or former slaves, or one free contact of the GM’s choice with an influential slave or former slave, such as an escaped slave turned pirate captain, or the leader of a band of escaped slaves now turned to outlaw and rebellion.

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