DC Arc Analysis by Dr. N. W. H. Addink (auth.)

By Dr. N. W. H. Addink (auth.)

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Table 4 shows clearly that arc lines (I lines or atom lines) originate mostly from the remaining atoms present in the mantle and not from the core. It is further shown in Table 4 that the alkaline earths behave more or less the same as the alkali metals, but elements with a V1 > 7 eV (Be and Mg) show a degree of ionization at 6100 K which is sufficiently small to produce emission from the core. /N 0 (N. =the number of excited atoms) equal to part of all the atoms available (N 0 ) which is excited thermally and which is a measure for the intensity or energy of the emitted light (Maxwell/Boltzmann's partition law).

Then the element carried away by Te is passing the test volume in a shorter time and results of measurements also have to be multiplied by a factor > 1. EXCITATION AND EMISSION 37 The factors determining the magnitude of S, found by experiment will now be considered. Expressed inK Eq. (2) reads as follows: logs, = 3·06 - 0·44 Tbp x to-a (14) It can be accepted that, in case of large samples, the rise of the temperature of the anode takes place in steps, each one corresponding with the boiling point of the evaporating element or compound.

F. has always to be applied, because adding up to 100% is impossible. It is worth-while to note that by adding up to 100% the highest concentrations found are the most accurate. Suppose that for the impurities a sum of2·7% had been found in lieu of 1·35% (Table 15, column 4), which means a relative difference of 100%. F. should have been 100/134·1 = 0·745 instead of 100/132·8 = 0·752, a difference of0·9%. Adding up to 100%, increases the accuracy of the highest concentrations determined. F. 23·3' 22·65 21-1 5 28·2 26·9 17-8} 96·7 ~.

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