Declarative Development of Interactive Systems by Graham T.C.

By Graham T.C.

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For the rest of the book it should be assumed that models relate to ST models, unless otherwise stated. The ST abstraction level means that each interaction with a memory-mapped device, such as a processor reading from or writing to the registers of a device, is handled at once: the device is presented with a request, computes the reply, and returns it in a single function call. The device does not add any immediate delay to the operation, and the result is computed before returning to the processor so that the processor can use the result immediately.

By avoiding threads in models, there is no state hidden on the execution stack. Rather, each time the simulator is stopped, all state is stored inside of the objects of the simulator (and typically accessible via attributes). It does happen that Simics objects contain state that is not checkpointed; however, such state is defined to be ephemeral and has to be reconstructed each time a checkpoint is opened. Typically, the non-checkpointed state consists of various caches of information from the rest of the simulation, which can be reconstructed from the state of other objects.

Those device mappings are created by the PCIe bridge device when the software probes and configures the PCIe system. The PCIe bridge itself is mapped into the memory map directly accessible to the processor, and it has an arrow down indicating that it configures the PCIe memory map. 41 42 CHAPTER 2 Simics fundamentals Having device models manipulate memory mappings is a very useful implementation trick. For example, it has been used to simulate devices being turned off by replacing the mapping of an actual device with passive RAM.

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