Demonmachy: Demonic Apocalypse by Brant Danay

By Brant Danay

Because the universe slowly dies, all demonkind is at warfare in a match of genocide. The prize? Nirvana. The Necrodelic, a demise addict who smokes the flesh of his sufferers as a drug, is set to win this afterlife for himself. His quest has taken him to the planet Grystiawa, and right into a duel with a dream-devouring snake demon who's greater than he turns out. Grystiawa has additionally been selected because the ultimate battleground within the historical spider-serpent wars. As armies of arachnid monstrosities and ophidian gladiators converge upon the planet, the Necrodelic is pressured to decide on facets in a cataclysmic strive against that can good end up his death. past Grystiawa, a Siamese dual incubus and succubus, a brain-raping nightmare fetishist, a gargantuan insect queen, and a whole universe of genocidal demons are forming conflict plans in their personal. staring at the apocalyptic carnage the entire whereas is devil himself, observing voyeuristically from the very Hell within which all those that fail can be damned to everlasting torment. Who will emerge effective from this cosmic armageddon? And what awaits the victor past the blood-drenched finish of time? The conflict starts in Demonmachy. Twisting Satanic mythologies and japanese religions into an ultraviolent ugly nightmare, the Messiah of loss of life Saga will rip your eyeballs correct from your cranium. hooked on its psychedelic darkness, you are going to instantly stitch and screw and staple and weld them again into their sockets so that you can learn extra. it really is an intergalactic, interdimensional harrowing that you will by no means forget...and may perhaps by no means get over.

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The black hole grew larger and larger, like the shadow of Satan looming over the universe. As it got closer the Oneirophage could see that the black hole had wings. Hooked wings. And hooked horns, hooked shoulders, and a hooked phallus, as well. It was not a black hole, but a soulmate: the fear-raping, nightmare-ingesting, phobiphiliac Democubus. The large, ebon gargoyle demon flew in through the blasted window, his sharp hooks silhouetted against the light of distant galaxies behind him. He had hooks over his eyes, hooked fangs, and hooks on his elbows and knees.

Straws jabbed themselves into his eyes, his nostrils, his mouth, his ears, and the tip of his penis, raising red rims upon the flesh around them and leaking blood from beneath their nearly hermetically sealed edges. The Oneirophage held the other end of the straw in his hands. He raised it to his rainbow lips like a calumet, then began to suck the Necrodelic's blood from every one of his bodily orifices at the same time. Chariah felt as though he had been attacked by his own Bloodbong. The large mouthpiece and nasal tubes were suffocating him as the Oneirophage imbibed his blood, and then his dreams, as the serpent demon sought to replenish his strength.

With several dislodged vertebrae, his spine felt and sounded like a saw, digging into the flesh of his back and torso with tiny ridged teeth, carving at his flesh. Serpentine crepitus breaking the night air like glass, the Oneirophage pulled the Darkprism from its obsidian chain around his neck. Inside were Morpheus Rex's diurnal prey, with which he would heal his wounds by eating and drinking their dreams. As always, the Oneirophage's memories of the day were hazy and surreal, just as Morpheus Rex's recollections of his were-serpent alter ego's nocturnal activities were typically vague and incomplete.

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