Density Gradient Centrifugation by T.S. Work and E. Work (Eds.)

By T.S. Work and E. Work (Eds.)

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However, there are a number of older machines, whose armour plate may not be strong enough, and one can never be absolutely sure that a blow-up will not cause injury. Besides, a blow-up is likely to produce an expensive repair bill and should be avoided. I h . I. Overspeeding The specified maximum speeds of rotors are designed to give a wide margin of safety. The speed at which a rotor may explode is probably 25% higher than the recommended maximum. Most lower speed machines (upto about 18,000 revs/min) have a built-in safety factor, since the air resistance becomes so great that a rotor can not be driven much faster than its specified maximum.

1. Theory of rate-zonal separations A brief discussion is given of the theory of sedimentation of particles through a density gradient. In practice, particles may not sediment exactly in the way predicted by this theory. This occurs because 46 Ch. 2 THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF SEPARATIONS 47 the concentration of the particles has exceeded the ‘capacity’ of the gradient. We are concerned, therefore with how to calculate the maximum amount which can be loaded on to a density gradient and on the circumstances under which an initially stable band can become unstable during centrifugation.

This solder has been known to break. It should be remembered that solder is composed of tin and lead, and if samples and gradients come into contact with it, the question of metal contamination should not be ignored. 3. Washing and drying rotors All rotors should be washed with lukewarm water immediately after use and dried. A water wash is usually quite sufficient, but if a detergent must be used then it must not be alkaline. In such a case it is best to scrub a rotor well with a mild neutral detergent using a soft nylon brush, rinse well in water to remove all traces of detergent, and finally rinse with distilled water.

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