Design and Manufacture of Composite Structures by G.C. Eckold (Auth.)

By G.C. Eckold (Auth.)

A pragmatic publication of worth to these within the automobile, chemical, aerospace and offshore industries. Case experiences are integrated and in addition to protecting versatile production platforms and non-destructive overview, the writer seems forward to steel matrix composites and ceramic matrix composites

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As can be seen, unlike the longitudinal modulus where values increase in proportion to volume fraction, there is only modest improvement of transverse and shear moduli with increasing fibre fraction. The data used for Design and manufacture of composite structures 52 v.. 3 Effect of the ratio of fibre/matrix stiffness on composite transverse modulus. these calculations are typical values for GRP. The domination of the response of the matrix for these modes of deformation is clear. 3 demonstrates the same issue in a different way.

In many respects, hygrothermal properties may be treated in the same manner as elastic constants. 181 Design and manufacture of composite structures 60 :i 10 7 ,.. 9 Comparison of experimental shear modulus with rule of mixtures and Halpin Tsai approximations. where r l and x 2 are the longitudinal and transverse thermal expansivities of the composite and zf and a, are those for fibre and matrix respectively. 10 shows the variation of thermal expansivity of a typical GRP laminate with fibre volume fraction.

12 shows details of a typical tensile test specimen. There is a variety of methods for measurement of in-plane shear properties. One test consists of tensile loading of a f 45" laminate; the shear modulus being determined by a subsequent analysis procedure. Perhaps the most difficult property values to determine are those in compression. The low modulus of many composite systems means there can be an overriding tendency for specimens to buckle under load. This has dictated the development of a range of devices to support material samples whilst under load (Fig.

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