Destined (Dream Realms Trilogy, #2) by Sophia Sharp

By Sophia Sharp

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Logan’s laugh. She looked over at him, running beside her through the field. ” he asked playfully. Laura grinned devilishly in reply. And she leapt up, high in the air, her speed taking her over great distance. She landed and kept going, running as fast as she could, outpacing Logan. Or so she thought. In a second he was beside her, laughing. She started laughing too. He reached out to take her hand, and they ran, together as one. Laura snuck a peak at Logan, and found him looking right at her.

And she saw Logan, seated far away, speaking intently with Madison. Laura strained her ears without thinking, trying to make out what they were saying, but heard nothing. Suddenly Madison looked right at her. Laura shut her eyes quickly, pretending to resume the steady breaths of sleep. Her disguise must have worked, for when she made a tiny slit between her eyelids to look again, Madison had returned her attention to Logan. Absently, Laura wondered what they were talking about, but then sleep overtook her again.

She threw him to the ground, and launched herself on top of him. He struggled pathetically against her, but she was strong, much stronger than she remembered. She felt completely invigorated. The man was sweating puddles now, and it disgusted Laura, but the sweetness of his blood called to her. She inhaled deeply, taking one last long, savoring breath of the smell of human blood, and drew her lips back. She bared her teeth, and like a viper ripped her mouth towards his neck. ” he cried as her teeth sunk in.

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