Differential Eqns with Applns in Bio, Physics, Engineering by J. Goldstein

By J. Goldstein

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16 The code listing is shown below. 825 seconds to go through one iteration of the c‐for loop. h> #fuses INTRC_IO,NOWDT,NOPROTECT #use delay(internal=1M) // main program that executes assembly routine to implement the delay void main() { int8 i; int8 Count1; int8 Count2; output_low(Pin_C0); for (i=1;i <= 10; i++) { #asm // Start assembly code MOVLW 255 // Move 255 into the W‐register MOVWF Count1 // Move the contents of the W‐register to variable Count1 Loop1: MOVLW 255 // Move 255 into the W‐register MOVWF Count2 // Move the contents of the W‐register to variable Count2 loop2: nop nop nop nop DECFSZ Count2,1 // Decrement Count2 and place the result back in Count2 variable GOTO Loop2 // Branch to label Loop2 if the result of the previous instruction is not zero DECFSZ Count1,1 // Decrement Count1 and place the result back in Count1 variable GOTO Loop1 // Branch to label label Loop1 if the result of the previous instruction is not zero #endasm // End assembly code } output_high(Pin_C0); // Turn on pin C0 } 31 © 2013 Cengage Learning.

Signal aliasing means that the signal characteristics (frequency and shape) get distorted. 2 What affects the voltage resolution of an A/D converter? The voltage resolution of an A/D convertor is affected by the voltage range and the bit resolution of the A/D. 3 What is the purpose of differential wiring in A/D reading? To reduce the effect of noise on the sampled signal. 4 Does the PIC16F690 MCU has a D/A converter? No. 5 What advantages serial interfacing has over parallel interfacing? A serial interface is more immune to noise.

A serial interface is more immune to noise. Also, a serial connection normally requires fewer wires than a parallel connection. 6 How a PC is interfaced to analog signals? Through the A/D and D/A convertors on a data acquisition card that is added to the PC. 7 Explain the different types of parity methods used in the RS-232 protocol. The different parity methods are: Even: Means that the total number of 1 bits in the packet (excluding stop bit) is even. Thus, the value of parity bit is set to 1 or zero to make the total number of 1 bits even.

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