Douglas Skyraider by Harry Gann

By Harry Gann

;Douglas Skyraider[Aircraft Profile 060] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Douglas Skyraider Автор: Harry Gann Серия: plane Profile 060 Издательство: Profile courses Ltd Страниц:12 Формат: PDF в rarЯзык: английский Размер: 11.15 Мб Для сайта: Мир книгDouglas A-1 Skyraider — американский штурмовик, разработанный фирмой Дуглас в 1940-х годах. Считавшийся морально устаревшим в эру реактивной авиации, поршневой «Скайрейдер» четверть века состоял на вооружении ВВС и ВМС США, с большим успехом применялся в Корейской и Вьетнамской войнах. В США последние машины этого типа были сняты с вооружения в начале 1970-х годов, однако в других странах они продолжали летать ещё некоторое время eighty five

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It was no easy matter to hit such an apparently tiny target from a ship that, except in a flat calm, would be rolling, yawing and pitching, and when both ships were steaming on different courses at speeds that might exceed 25 knots. This chapter describes the essential principles of long-range shooting at sea, and a few key instruments that embody those principles. It also introduces those unavoidable ‘terms-of-art’ (in italics on their first appearance) which are indispensable in describing the technical evolution of the rival systems of fire control.

30 PP, ‘Jupiter Letter III’, January 1906, p. 83. ‘Fire Control. An Essay by Captain C Hughes-Onslow, completed August 1909, Section IV, p. 5, PLLN 1/5, Pollen Papers, CC. Fanning, Steady As She Goes (London: HMSO, 1986) pp. 177–8. 32 The Anschütz Gyro Compass (London: Elliott Brothers, 1910) pp. 69–70 and 91–2, Elliott Archive. Automatic course correction was available, but only from some makers, by the early 1930s: Fanning [31] p. 232 and The Gyro-Compass and GyroPilot (London: Sperry Gyroscope, c.

Before reaching that point, the range was decreasing; after it, the range will increase. Assume that the bearing of the moving ship from the stopped one is expressed as a compass-bearing, which is positive when measured clockwise from True North; then if the first ship is moving from left to right, his bearing always increases, though it does so most rapidly at the point of minimum range. e. when their relative movement is expressible as a virtual course-and-speed. e. the angle from own ship’s nominal or mean-course to the line-of-sight.

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