Dramatis Personae Campaign Ready NPC's (d20 System) by Various

By Various

Your campaign's in hassle! Your PC's have simply walked into the "Stalwart Adventurer Inn," and no one's there! you wish NPC's, and also you desire them quick. no use to panic we are the following to assist. From the creators of The crimson famous person, the runaway picture Comics hit comes: Dramatis Personae, crusade prepared NPC's. Dramatis Personae is a complement that comprises quite a few absolutely written and fleshed out NPC's able to be utilized in your delusion D20 online game. locate inside of its pages dastardly foes to problem your PC's, or brave allies to aid them; all NPC's include an engaging tale hook for use for a fast, or ongoing, experience. additionally, this fable D20 complement comes entire with new magic goods, feats, and spells so as to add extra colour and shock on your latest international. by no means be shorthanded on NPC's back!

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