Drowning : new perspectives on intervention and prevention by edited by John R. Fletemeyer, Samuel J. Freas.

By edited by John R. Fletemeyer, Samuel J. Freas.

A heritage of drowning and resuscitation / Samuel J. Freas --
Etiology and therapy of drowning / Jerome H. Modell --
What is occurring with drowning premiums within the usa? / Christine M. Branche --
Racial adaptations in drowning: cultural or organic? / Fred A. Mael --
Drowning in a hypothermic surroundings / Desmond Bohn --
Water rescue equipment for emergency provider services / John R. Fletemeyer --
The YMCA viewpoint on drowning prevention / Laura Slane --
Drownings at the shorelines of Brazil / David Szpilman --
Contemporary ocean security and lifeguard rescue carrier on Oahu, Hawaii / Ralph S. Goto Drowning intervention: a military Corps of Engineers point of view / Brad Keshlear --
Drowning intervention and prevention: a U.S. Coast safeguard viewpoint / Bruce Schmidt --
Scientific proof exhibit Heimlich Maneuver most sensible technique for drowning resuscitation / Henry J. Heimlich and Eric Spletzer --
Water security measures for resorts and motels / John R. Fletemeyer --
Reflections on lifeguard surveillance courses / Frank Pia --
Drowning in a closed- water surroundings: classes that may be discovered / E. Louise Priest --
Lifeguard behaviors and systematic scanning options / Tom Griffiths, Don metal, and Hans Vogelsong --
Toward a predictive version for rip currents and their effect on public safeguard with emphasis on actual, demographic, and cultural issues / James B. Lushine, John R. Fletemeyer, and Robert G. Dean.

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If the patient is awake and talking, that is a very positive sign; however, one does not know how close the patient may be to losing consciousness due to a slight further drop in arterial oxygen tension. If the patient is not able to maintain an airway, then that airway must be supported manually by the emergency medical technician; the need for an oropharyngeal airway or even endotracheal intubation should be evaluated. It should be remembered, however, that if the patient has active oropharyngeal reflexes, inserting an oropharyngeal airway may lead to laryngospasm or to vomiting with subsequent aspiration of stomach contents.

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