Effects of axial stretch and wall injury on intimal by Yong-Ung Lee

By Yong-Ung Lee

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The contraction of the arteries was calculated as the percentage change of diameter compared to its initial baseline diameter. The relaxation of the arteries in response to CCh and SNP was calculated as same as contraction, but the baseline diameter was the steady state diameter after NE administration, not the initial diameter of the artery. The diameter response to NE was negative, because of contraction of arteries, but in Figure 9, it was shown as a positive percentage change for convenience.

1986). Hanratty et al. also reported 60% reduction in flow rate significantly reduced lumen area after 28 days (Hanratty et al. 2004). Since the vessel wall adaptation to the flow change is a long-term process, we decided to apply very low flow (1/10 of normal) for sufficient stimulation to arteries to observe changes in 7 or 14 days of organ culture. 5 Axial stretch To determine the effect of axial stretch on IH, arteries were cultured at three different (reduced, normal, and elevated) stretch ratios.

Investigating the effect of various axial stretches to neointimal formation will help select the optimal length of the graft, predict later IH development after stent deployment, and eventually, develop better surgical techniques to minimize IH. In addition, the results will aid our understanding of mechanical stress induced arterial wall remodeling, furthermore, it also be useful in developing vessel elongation techniques for vascular grafts and improving patency of the graft after implantation.

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