Electrospinning : Rapra Review Report by Stanger, Jon; Tucker, Nick

By Stanger, Jon; Tucker, Nick

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Furthermore, it was confirmed that the mechanical properties were dependent upon the fibre morphology. The spinnability of the PC solutions with a lower THF ratio in THF/DMF solvent was poor. 3 m/s. 1 GPa. The heat release capacity (HRC) of the 22 and 25% PC fibre were 275 + - 27 J/g K and 198 + - 1 J/g K. It was found that the flame resistance of the electrospun PC nanofibre was superior to that of the PC raw material (HRC ~360 J/g K). 16 refs. 1194. 1661. ELECTROSPINNING AND ALIGNMENT OF POLYANILINE-BASED NANOWIRES AND NANOTUBES Attout A; Yunus S; Bertrand P Polyaniline (PANi) nanowires and nanotubes are processed by electrospinning.

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