Elementary Hydrostatics - With Numerous Examples by J. B. Phear

By J. B. Phear

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Two cylinders of equal mass and size are made of unknown materials of different density. How is it possible to tell which of the two is hollow? 210. A flexible cable is wound in one row around a drum with a radius R (Fig. 87). The weight of a unit of cable length is p. The entire cable weighs G. The drum moves by inertia without slipping along a horizontal surface, and the cable is wound off onto it. At the initial moment, when the cable was completely wound on the drum, the velocity of the drum centre was v.

At what distance should the car follow the truck so that the stone will not strike it if it flies out from between the tyres? Both vehicles have a speed of 50 km/h. 170. A ball freely falls from a height h onto an inclined plane forming an angle a with the horizon (Fig. 63). Find the ratio of the distances between the points at which the jumping ball strikes the inclined plane. Consider the impacts between the ball and the plane to be absolutely elastic. 171. Find the acceleration of body A which slides without initial velocity down a helical groove with a pitch h and a radius R at the end of the n-th turn (Fig.

A weightless unstretchable string is wound around a cylinder with a mass m (Fig. 42). With what minimum force F min and at what angle a, to the horizon should the string be pulled Fig. 39 Fig. 40 PROBLEMS 30 Fig. 42 Fig. 41 for the rotating cylinder to remain in place? The coefficient of friction between the cylinder and the floor is k. 113. Figure 43 shows a simplified diagram of the steam engine and crank gear of a steam locomotive. Fig. 43a and b correspond to the moments when steam has been admitted into the lef tand right-hand parts of the cylinder, respectively.

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