Engineering Statics Second Edition by A.S. Hall, F.E. Archer, R.I. Gilbert

By A.S. Hall, F.E. Archer, R.I. Gilbert

An invaluable ebook for a person attracted to engineering mechanics. it truly is fundamental meant to be a textbook for undergraduate engineering scholars and is valuable either for its brevity and readability of expression.

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1 1(a), (b) and (c) each havea clockwise moment of 60 kNm and are therefore equivalent. The original couple canalsobe replaced by any number of couples, the algebraic sum of whose moments is equal to the moment of the given couple. 12 kN 2m 5rn 12 kN A system of forces may beequivalent to a couple. This would be the case if the forces had a resultant of zero magnitude, but yet had a non-zero moment about any point. 1 Id). Whenthis symbol occurs in. soc cia ti on. with other forces its properties must be remembered: It has no component force in any direction Its moment is the same about all points.

5 m. 5. (i) What is the angleof inclination of the beam to the horizontal? (ii) What horizontal force applied at A would cause the beam to slide up? 1 m isused to move a smooth cylinderof 700 mm diameter and weighing 100 N up a plane inclined to the horizont~at an angle of 30". m a t force must be exerted on the end of the lever if the lever is inclined at 60" to the inclined plane? 21 is supported bytworigidbars connected to BC through frictionlesshinges. AB and AC are connected through a frictionless hinge to a support at A.

At and the force exerted this moment the force on the face of the piston is 1 by the connecting rod is in the direction of BC. Draw a freebody diagram of the piston, showing the forces acting on it, and hence find the force in the connecting rod and the force exerted by the cylinder walls on the piston. I kN piston l A heavy uniform bar AB of weight Wis s u s ~ e n d efrom ~ a hing point A above a smooth inclined plane, as shown in Figure P3 end of the bar B rests on the inclined plane. 8 forms the upper surface of a block of negligibleweight which rests on a horizontal table.

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