Ever by Blake Butler

By Blake Butler



"Within the psychic structure that's EVER, Blake Butler explores the best way our bodies swell and agreement, going from dermis to accommodate and again back. and how homes too lower to slot us first like garments after which like dermis after which tighter nonetheless. the result's a wierd, visionary ontological dismemberment that takes you way past what you'd ever expect"--Brian Evenson.

"Blake Butler is a bold invigorator of the literary sentence, and the room-ridden narrator of his debut novella, EVER, nerves her means right into a hallucinative ruckus of rousing originality"--Gary Lutz.

"In EVER--as in, indicating any time some time past or future--light is entropic; 'the sky might elevate your epidermis off'; household rituals are anamorphotic brain fucks granting 'no go out method'; and doorways won't open even if you don't try..."--Miranda Mellis.


"From within the mild I touched the sunshine. I knew the sunshine grew mould within me. Or. Or what. i couldn't think."


EVER is a narrative of dust and lightweight and homes and metaphysical shifts in wide awake, shifts in physique and being and time. EVER is a narrative that leaves you feeling bruised and emotional and bigger than you have been before.

Blake Butler's sentences are frequently greater and extra unique than these of Lutz, McCarthy & to these of Williams and Lish. i think Butler's sentences have a extra competitive sonic important. As you learn, you actually are (to use one among EVER's common phrases) slushed alongside via sentences seriously marked by means of S's. And whilst Butler reverts to a sonically uninteresting sentence, frequently containing the main poignant/banal comment, the phrases hit you that a lot more durable, end result of the effect of all contained in the back of that sentence slamming ahead into you. And while the tone and composition of the sentences and paragraphs shifts, you're feeling it. It's a visceral swap.

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My head began to boil. I said goodbye to certain things. I slushed myself into the color. 50 [ The next room I knew was baby blue—blue as in the way the oceans nestled down to just one fat lather—blue like the nipples of the dead cow my dad drug in from the street before the light lit, each too big to fit a mouth on, but so rich—blue like where I pinched myself thin to keep warm through the evenings, only—blue like the abdomen of all the moths I’d swallowed in my sleep. ] 51 [ The next room I knew was rubbed red like an eraser to the chest—like the zap of something with a thorax—like where the teeth split and let such blood.

The door into the man’s front hallway had a lock as large as my whole hand. The lock was darkly tarnished, as if it'd smoldered in a fire. It had numbers scratched into it, shining slits cut in the smudge. The lock jostled in its turning—it would pop a little, kind of moan. If you touched it in the right condition, and applied a certain pressure, the house would open up. ] [ The door, when stubborn, made my teeth ache. ] [ The door’s color could change. ] [ This door would also sometimes appear inside my household, in a place I will not name.

35 [ In the light I made a bargain. I shook hands inside myself. My sternum slurred and veins culled open. My elbows grew into my hands. Then the hands were all around me, their nails slick as the night. Palms big as my belly. Fingerprints as blank as _____. ] 36 [ My back was numb and I was clean. ] ] [ I’d read the same thing four times hardly blinking. A book my mother’d found when I was small—found fit in the crack cut in her ceiling, on the other side of which was mud. Our house had gotten buried briefly.

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